Bio Filters


Bio Filters

⦁ Bio-Filter is environment friendly, indigenously developed green technology
⦁ The concept is ”Design With Nature”
⦁ The process harnesses the energy, carbon and other elements of the waste and converts them to precious “Bio-nutritional™ products like energy rich humus, bio-fertilizer and nutrient rich water
⦁ It uses the ability of the earthworms and beneficial microbes (Transzyme) to break down organic
waste present in the wastewater and transform it into worm-cast


  •  Low operating cost
  •  Low energy cost
  •  Low maintenance as no mechanical  equipments used
  •  No sludge disposal required as all solids are converted into useful product
  •  Treated water is nutrient rich and natural way of nutrient recycling
  •  No constant monitoring required

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We believe that our experience is the key, and our expert staff has collectively worked in the anaerobic digester industry for over 15 years.

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