Bioark SB2L Enzymes

Bioark SB2L enzyme is especially cultured bacterial enzyme that contains various enzymes to break down fat, oil & grease, starch, protein and other organic material. The enzyme consists of lipase to break oil, fat and grease, amylase to break starch and protease to break protein.

Speacial Features of Bioark SB2L Enzymes

  • Easily breaks down refractory compounds (hard to biologically digest type compounds) such as fat, oil and grease at process upstream.
  • Reduces sludge generation significantly for wastewater treatment system up to two third from existing amount. At some treatment system, sludge handling is no longer necessary
  • Accepts high BOD loading of 1 kg/m3 wastewater or more when used in combination with Biomedia vessel compared to conventional system 0.5 kg/m3.
  • Able to process MLSS (Mixed liquor suspend solids) at 5000 ~ 10000 mg/L using contact aeration compared to 2000 to 5000 mg/L for conventional activated sludge.

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