Lab Testing


Lab Testing

  • Biomethane Potential (BMP) test.
  • Nutrient paucity studies.
  • Toxicity Screening and testing.
  • Optimizations of anaerobic digester.
  • Biomethanations activity test.
  • Biodigestibility test on wastewater/solid sample.
  • General lab testing services.

Bio-Methane Potential (BMP) Test

  • We estimate potential methane/biogas volume generated from your feed stock by characterizing your substrate. All the test will be carried out in duplicate or triplicate to ensure accuracy.
  • We also evaluate and check the possibility of maximising the biogas productions in your anaerobic digester/reactor based on the BMP data.

Nutrient Paucity Studies

  • Micro and Macro nutrients are very essential to run a biogas plant efficiently and successfully. So we check essential macro and micro nutrients, correct C/N ratio, co-factors and other elements, which plays an important in anaerobic digestions.
  • We also provide the consultancy on optimizations of nutrients additions to maximise the biogas productions.

Toxicity Screening And Testing


  • Our testing data and report on toxicity screening will enhance to understand more insights of your reactor like how healthy it is and also we examine toxic components/elements which has an adverse effect of bio-methanations process.
  • We test the toxic effect of particular components like dyes, catalyst, special chemicals at known concentrations and examine its impact on bio-methanogenic activity.

Bio-Methanations Activity Test

We see how your bioreactor’s anaerobic microbial consortia active on particular substrate which limits the bio-methanations process.

Anaerobic/ Aerobic Degradability/ Bio Digestibility Test


  • We see the maximum possibility of COD/BOD reductions in your effluent sample through anaerobic or aerobic methodology.
  • Our bio-consumption test report let you know more insights.

General Lab Testing Services

Apart from all above special analysis, we do the general test like water sample COD/BOD, Ammonical nitrogen, phosphate, TS/VS, TSS/VSS etc.,

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