Bioark Micronutrients


B-ARK Micro Nutrients (B-ARK-MN)

Availability of nutrients determines the community structure of the anaerobic bacteria and activated sludge and hence the efficiency of the degradation process. Micronutrients influence the bacteria involved in waste degradation and also the species diversity within the sludge. Micronutrients are essential for bacteria’s biochemical pathway to metabolize COD/BOD at high rate.

Our micro-nutrients with calculated and experienced composition of Mico-elements, B-ARK-MN, enable facultative anaerobes to actively break down organics in the anaerobic digester or reactor and non-aerated portions of WWTPs and ETPs.

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We believe that our experience is the key, and our expert staff has collectively worked in the anaerobic digester industry for over 15 years.

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