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Our biotechnology and analysis laboratories have all the necessary technical installations. We work in miniaturized batch biogas systems with a working volume of less than 100 ml and  thus able to carry out extensive screening tests. A distinguishing feature is the possibility of providing broadly based screening examinations and application services using the methods developed in our laboratory.

For process development, we have state-of-the-art instrumented fermenter systems with up to 5 litres working volume for the work with highly active anaerobic bacteria.

We have the analytical equipment to record all the necessary parameters: Gas quantities, Feed stocks (fatty acids, COD, DM, oDM, etc.)

Optimizations of Anaerobic digester

This service consists of 3 different steps,
Every optimization studies include BMP, Nutrients paucity studies and Toxicity screening test to understand and compare current status of biogas productions.

  • Pre-treatment optimizations:

Our pre-treatment optimizations will help your digester to perform better in terms of efficient digestions and good gas productions.

  • Physico-chemicals optimizations:

A testing will be carried out for understanding a physical measure such as your feedstock particle size, temperature etc, and chemicals measure such as pH, C/N, necessary chemicals addition to boost the gas quantity.

  • Biological optimizations:

We check the health of your anaerobic microbial consortia by evaluations of methanogenics activity, we optimise VS of inoculum and feed stock (F/M ratio) and necessary steps will be furnished to optimize your anaerobic reactor with right additives.

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We believe that our experience is the key, and our expert staff has collectively worked in the anaerobic digester industry for over 15 years.

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