B-Ark bio septic tank is a waterproof chamber where bacteria break down organic waste from wastewater without oxygen through anaerobic digestion. In biogas production, this chamber is also called as anaerobic digester.

This sealed environment creates the ideal conditions for a series of chemical reactions, enabling the fermentation process to result in methane, carbon dioxide, and water.

Our B-ARK Bio septic tank are

  • Eco-friendly & hygienic
  • Maintenance free bio septic tanks and one time investment and inoculum feed throughout life time.
  • More than 99% pathogens reduction, COD/BOD reduction as per central pollution control norms.
  • Less foot print requirement (1/3 of Conventional Tank).
  • No foul smell

Why B-ARK Bio Septic tank?

  • B-ARK Bio Septic tanks are environment-friendly waste management technology.
  • This Bio Toilet completely eliminates the need for human maintenance
  • Eco-Friendly and 100% hazard free
  • Effluent is free from odour and solid waste
  • Single time feeding of bioculture/seed/ inoculums throughout operational life.

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We believe that our experience is the key, and our expert staff has collectively worked in the anaerobic digester industry for over 15 years.

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