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Reverse Osmosis Chemicals

Bioark/HSS is a supplier of a range of cost effective Reverse Osmosis antiscalants, scale inhibitors, antifoulants, RO membrane cleaners and biocides.

With effective pre-treatment, maintenance, and appropriate RO chemicals, membranes can give several years of useful life before they need to be replaced. However, if any of these essential elements fail rapid fouling can result and early membrane replacement may be required, often at massive cost. To help you keep your RO plant running efficiently we have developed a range of reverse osmosis antifoulants and antiscalant chemicals to slow the process of fouling, and special membrane cleaners and biocides to restore performance when needed.

Bioark have hands-on experience in tackling these issues and over the years we’ve developed a comprehensive range of cost-effective water treatment chemicals to solve all your water related problems. Our industrial water treatment chemicals keep water systems operating safely and efficiently, keeping production processes going and saving our customers money.

Technical Support

Where some may talk about technical support, we actually provide it. We have our own in-house laboratory for microbiological and chemical analysis – for product support. Our technical team are industry experts with years of hands-on experience and their help and advice is only a phone call or email away.

Advantages of using BARK100 antiscalant

Reduces membrane cleaning frequency
Eliminates acid injection
Controls iron, silica, and mineral scale
Extends membrane life
Lower operating and capital costs
Does not react with other chemicals

Bark Floc 500

Bark Floc 500 is a neutral flocculant that can replace thecombinationof PAC + PAM which can adjust acid and alkalis to reduce neutral chemicals and flocculants required for waste.

About Bark Floc 500

A joint venture between Japanese and Malaysia carried out in Seremban 2.  Malaysia The main product is flocculant named “BET Muddy water cleaner”. This product is a new wastewater treatment agent developed by using latest technology by Japanese experts. It has a wide range of simple, efficient and cost effective applications for wastewater generated in industries such as printing, dyeing,painting, ceramics, road and steel sheet cleaning

Benefits Of Bark Floc 500

  • The treated water quality is maintained in the neutral range and  can be discharged without the need to adjust acids and alkalis
  • Improve water quality while removing suspended solids
  • Reduction of sludge generation and cost
  • Improved dehydration
  • Highstability
  • No secondary pollution processing data”Bark Floc 500 “

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We believe that our experience is the key, and our expert staff has collectively worked in the anaerobic digester industry for over 15 years.

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